Instagrams For Parents

Instagrams For Parents
July 25, 2016 admin
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Being a parent is a hard job, everyone can pretty much agree on that. And since nowadays everyone has access to the Internet, more parents can share their problems online with one another. Instagram is one of those places where parents can go and share their every day struggles and stories about their youngsters. Today we’re going to recommend a few accounts that are just for you parents!

instagram parents Picture taken from @averageparentproblems.

The first one we’re going to show you is actually one of the most popular today. It’s called @AverageParentProblems, by Ilana Wiles, and she uploads lots of pictures with captions that many many parents can relate to. We don’t have to explain much, see it for yourself here!

Another account we’re sure you’re going to love is Baby Sideburns! This is another account with great pictures about the every day life of a mother with her two kids. You don’t just see the downsides and problems of having kids, but also the funny, sweet and cute parts about having two children. We know you’ll fall in love with them the moment you see ’em!

@MyKidCan’tEatThis is definitely one of our favorites. In this account you’ll see mostly pictures of food, and in the caption you’ll see an explanation given by the kid as to way they didn’t want to eat it. And they’re definitely hilarious! It’s not just pictures by the owner of the account, but also parents who share their pictures as well.

We hope you enjoy these accounts and have a nice laugh, they definitely made our day!

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