Prostitution Through Instagram?

Prostitution Through Instagram?
July 23, 2016 admin
Prostitution Through Instagram

Prostitution on Instagram is completely forbidden. That’s obvious, and nobody would do it in such a direct way. But apparently, many people have claimed that there are women who autoproclaim themselves models on Instagram when they actually don’t make a living at all from that (and they’re not officially models either, of course), but instead make their money from more discrete prostitution.

instagram Picture of one of the girls that appears on one of the mentioned websites.

A few anonymous men have already declared that they’ve payed these women for spending time with them. There are specific websites that are made for people to go and point out all these women that work like this through this platform. One of them is called, founded by Nik Richie. Their goal is to end this undercovered part of Instagram one account at a time with the help of other users.

Apparently, there are some easy ways to know which Instagram “models” are actually women that charge you for their time. You’ll see that their accounts are full of pictures of themselves alone with extremely expensive things (clothes, accessories, cars) or on very luxurious trips. Most of them don’t have too many followers, so it wouldn’t make sense that they made the money off Instagram since you won’t get more than a few hundred per picture. So, in most cases, these women get their money from the men that pay them for their time.

Ex-clients have claimed that it’s as easy as sending them a message saying that they look nice in some picture and then directly question her about prices and so on. You both discuss prices until you reach an agreement and then hook up in person. So really, it wouldn’t be that hard to catch these women. However, the controversial side is that these accounts can’t go on the news, because it’s more publicity for them! It’s a complicated issue, but at least we know people are working on it.

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