Instagram Multiaccount Management

Instagram Multiaccount Management
February 5, 2016 admin

One of the features that was asked for the most on Instagram was something that would allow a person to manage more than one account smoothly without having to close one and log into the other. Well… that petition is starting to slowly become a reality!

instagram Picture taken from Krifysoftware blog as an example of the interface people with the feature would see.

A few months ago Instagram had already started testing this feature on a few lucky Android users. However, now there seem to be random iOS users that have this feature on their Instagram app, but not too sure if there’s a s pecific filter you need to pass in order to have it. Either way, it’s still in some sort of testing phase and it’s not officially implemented, as we can see.

In order to see if you’re one of those lucky people that got this feature, just go to Settings on your profile page. If you scroll a bit down you should have an option called “Add Account”. Once you add an account, it’s as easy as a simple click in order to change from one account to another without having to enter your password or account every single time. Also, if you’ve got notifications on y our phone, it will specify what account you got them on! Protection Status for