Instagram Launches New Advertising Features

Instagram Launches New Advertising Features
June 3, 2015 admin
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Less than two years ago, a new feature was added to Instagram – advertisements. The social network just announced a bunch of changes that will make the site easier to access for advertisers, so their numbers will boost up. However not every brand or product will be advertised, as Instagram wants to guarantee a certain quality.

From now on, advertisers will be able to show their products to users basing themselves on more specific strategies. For instance, they will be able to show users products based on their location (which will be accessible from their postal code), users will be able to buy products instantly (thanks to “Buy Now,” “Learn More” or “Install Now” buttons).

Instagram is including new features Instagram is including new features

This hasn’t arisen instantly, but is the result of a whole learning process based on what advertisement was like on Facebook, which now owns the photo sharing site. It has been its owner since 2012, when Instagram was purchased for one billion dollars, and ads have been a feature on Instagram since a year later, 2013.

What won’t change is the quality of the brands which get to advertise on Instagram, as their quality will still be very high. The difference will be the way these brands interact with users. Companies like Disney, EA, The Cab, Ben & Jerry’s or Taco Bell will be able to reach users easier.

So, if you use Instagram, now you’ll have the opportunity no only to see and like the products that please you, but you will also be able to buy what you want. It is a way of helping users shop quickly. They have been taking screenshots of Instagram photos, as the very owners know, which could mean they intended to buy the products they choose to save.

Now, thanks to these new features, it will be easier to do so.