Google and Instagram Will Ally to Count the Calories of Food in Your Pics

Google and Instagram Will Ally to Count the Calories of Food in Your Pics
June 4, 2015 admin
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More than fifty-six million pics are included as of now under the #foodporn hashtag on Instagram. Food is a favorite of Instagram, after all, especially if it is visually appealing both in the way it looks and in the way it’s presented. But looking good does not always mean that it’s the best quality food ever. In fact, many of the good looking products and dishes presented on Instagram are too full of calories. You will almost never see a plain salad or some boiled spinach.

Google is aware of this, and they are working on a new project called Im2calories, which will develop an algorithm in order to calculate how many calories a dish has, depending on the kind of food and on the amount of it that is shown in a certain pic.

Posting an image such as this would not be so fun if you could see the calories on it

What could this trend lead to? As you know, two tendencies are very fashionable lately: that of posting pics of your food and that of counting calories on food (not necessarily the same food you posted a pic of, whether it is a cookie monster cupcake or a vegetarian avocado dip sauce).

It could be the way to encourage healthy eating or at least responsible eating. It is somehow related to @youdidnoteatthat, which tries to expose the lies behind bloggers who post pics of food but look thin, despite the weight they would have to gain if they had eaten everything they post.

The right thing to do would be in the middle of those two tendencies: eating healthy food and enjoying eat should be what moves people to post what they eat on social networks, no matter that Google, Instagram or whoever tells that it’s not healthy or that they couldn’t eat that quarter pound burger they’re so proudly posing with.