Instagram Launched Its New Tools

Instagram Launched Its New Tools
June 3, 2016 admin
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A few weeks ago we saw several screencaps of what looked like the new Instagram model for businesses. We already knew that they were working on this, since they want to lead Instagram to a new direction as far as businesses and brands are concerned in order to increase revenue. But now we can say that the update is officially here.

chanel instagram Picture taken from Chanel’s Instagram account.

Instagram has officially launched its business tools, to make it all much more simpler for businesses and brands, no matter how big or small they may be. With this new update, you get a new profile layout, stadisctics and even promotion tools for your own use!

In order to develop this tool properly, lots of interiews have been done. The interviewees were all kinds of workers: people working in big brands or freelancers who like to sell their products online. This information is essential for Instagram in order to cover everone’s needs.

Some of the things that’ we’ll be seeing on these new profiles is a contact button, which never existed before as well as a map that shows where the store is (if it has any, of course). It also measures the type of audience you get and suggest posting times depending on how many visits you get throughout the day and through which patterns. Honestly, it seems like an amazingly useful tool that will help everyone out there who has a business or wants to start one!