The Hidden Side of Somalia Seen on Instagram

The Hidden Side of Somalia Seen on Instagram
July 6, 2015 admin
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Somalia. What does that name evoke to you? For many, it just means war, destruction, terrorist attacks and violence. However, there are other things: white-sanded beaches, hard-working people who are re-building the capital city and people who believe in their country.

How do we know that? Thanks to Instagram.

#TheSomaliayouneverheardabout is a hashtag that has gone viral over the last few months. Politically, social networks are very important at an international level, as they help people all around the world see the reality of many places that would otherwise remain unknown. Ugaaso Boocow (@ugaasadda) is the one who became famous on Instagram thanks to her photos, which show the nicest side of the African country. Nearly 90k people follow her.

“The stories talking about Somalia are no longer valid,” she says. That is the reason why so many accounts praising Somalia have emerged lately. We have, for instance, accounts on Twitter and Facebook. However, we’re going to focus on Boocow’s Instagram profile. What can be seen there?

Boocow laughing with a friend Boocow laughing with a friend

It is, of course, a personal, non-official account, so we can see its manager – always smiling and wearing bright-colored hijabs that help fight the cliché of Muslim garments as oppressive for everyone. Color is what predominates here.

We can also see dishes of Somalian cuisine, always full of color. You will learn about different foods such as sambusas, typical Somali dumplings, tropical fruits and much more. As always, colorful photos which differ greatly from the ones we are shown by the media. Beaches and colorful houses help also battle the cliché of a deserted country.

Boocow gets very happy when she is mentioned in the news (which occurs frequently) and she will keep posting marvelous pics of her wonderful motherland. Now it’s your turn to pay her a visit and follow her!