Don’t Just Send Emoticons – Bake Them

Don’t Just Send Emoticons – Bake Them
July 8, 2015 admin
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Food has always been an Instagram classic. From the accounts and accounts that promote healthy eating and exercising as a way of life, to the ones that show us pics that make us fatter just from the mere fact of looking at them, Instagram has always had a gourmet side.

That’s why Heather Adamson decided to combine her passion for food with one of the most representative things of Instagram and mobile telephones and social media – emoticons. Emoticons will soon be a more important part of our lives, as we will be able to use them as a part of our passwords in the digital world. For now, they’re present on nearly every Facebook, Twitter or Instagram chat or comment.

Let’s see what we can find on Heather’s account. A mean devil and a cute teddy bear are among the first lines of pictures. Smiley faces and the everywhere-seen emoticon of the lady dressed in pink (you’ll recognize her when you see her, even if you can’t recall her right now). A piggy, a moon, a monkey… almost an entire zoo gathers at Heather’s profile. Check it out!

A tasty-looking salad on Heather's account

A tasty-looking salad on Heather’s account

However, it’s not the only thing this account has to offer, as you can find salads, desserts, smoothies… The best thing about it is that you can not only see the pictures (which look delicious, to tell the truth), but that you’ll also find the recipe to prepare them. On every pic she posts, Heather includes the recipe to make their deliciously looking dishes.

Why don’t you try some of her dishes, such an oatmeal banana split or an olive, tomato, spinach, avocado, crackers, tahini, olive oil and vinegar salad? Those are just two of the dishes you can enjoy on her account! Try them out!