Getting Over Post-Summer Sadness

Getting Over Post-Summer Sadness
September 7, 2015 admin
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The summer is basically over and we can’t believe how fast it’s come and gone. Most of us are a little bit down because, hey, who doesn’t hate it when summer is over? Back to school, back to work, the temperatures start getting lower… But worrying isn’t going to make things better.  That’s why today we’ve brought you a little something to entertain you for a while until next summer. We’re bringing you some more awesome Instagram accounts to lose yourself in!

instagram Picture taken from @themermaidfiles’ official Instagram account.

Minnie and Emma are a great Instagram to start with. The account is run by a woman named Meredith Levy, who uploads the most stunning pictures. She focuses on little simple things and makes them stand out. She also designs mobile phone cases, which she also uploads to her Instagram gallery.

The Vista is the typical Instagram that makes people fall in love with its pictures. The gallery is a mixture of different types of pictures, but all related to travel. Sometimes they also upload pictures taken by their own fans. We really recommend following this one, because it’s truly breathtaking.

Vibes is also quite the mixture. You’ve got lovely architecture, models, and a bit more architecture. Whenever you click on a picture, it’s hard to look away. It just captures your attention on a whole new level.

And last, but not least, we want to show you Candice Swanepoel’s secondary account called themermaidfiles. Here, she uploads all of her trips to exotic destinations. Warning: you might feel slightly jealous!