Instagram and Mental Health

Instagram and Mental Health
May 19, 2017 admin
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A poll was recently done throughout the UK to prove that Instagram can have a bad impact on mental health, especially among young people. And no, that doesn’t mean Instagram provokes these issues, but more like accentuates them.

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Instagram is one of the most used social networks on a global scale as of today. People love sharing their life, their stories or their businesses online. But what if we told you that this platform is also a bad influence for people that might have some mental issues? Of course it’s not like Instagram would provoke these things, we’re not saying Instagram is bad. But it does work like a drug for lots of people, especially those that are much younger and easily influenced.

It can provoke low self esteem, anxiety issues and more things along those lines. But the issue is usually already part of the victim, Instagram might just make it bloom or grow. However, not everything is negative. Lots of people make great use of Instagram by promoting positive messages, especially about one’s own identity. So if these sort of positive posts reach lots of younger minds (and not so young as well!), it can have a much more positive impact and reduce more cases of low self esteem. We just have to remember and also teach the younger ones that Instagram is not a 100% representation of reality, and not to make anyone’s life on Instagram your vital goal. Protection Status for