Instagram Accounts that Can Be Deadly

Instagram Accounts that Can Be Deadly
August 19, 2015 admin
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At least, that’s what we thing when we look at Nicole Angemi’s profile (@mrs_angemi). Now that everyone is posting delicious dishes, selfies and feet pics, she’s been taking pictures of her workplace, which wouldn’t be so brave – if she didn’t work at a morgue. Here’s what Mrs. Angemi does on Instagram (it must be good – 417K followers can’t be wrong).

“Mortui Vivos Docent.” “The dead teach the living.” That’s the first thing you see when you arrive at her Instagram profile. If you’re lucky enough you may see some pictures of her with her family or her daughters – but that’s not likely to happen. In fact, you may get out of her profile out of disgust before seeing anything pleasing. That’s Angemi’s game. Bloody organs, mutilated bodies, fetuses and creepy diseases are everywhere. That’s why she has aroused a lot of polemics.

“People think my account is controversial, because they think this kind of pictures should be limited to the medical community.” She, however, thinks that everybody interested in them should be able to find them without having to go to a specialized book, as it has been done for decades.

One of the most normal pictures on Angemi's profile – herself. One of the most normal pictures on Angemi’s profile – herself.

It’s not her aim to disgust, rather than to impress in order to educate people. She’s even created a game in which people on the net must try and guess what illness a specific picture portrays. It may not mean fun for everyone, but it is certainly educative.

Apart from her Instagram account, Angemi has also a YouTube channel in which she discusses and shows medical procedures, among many other things. Although Instagram has repeatedly censored her works, she’d always return, ready for more, until she contacted Instagram admins so that they told her what kind of pictures to avoid.

She’s always reminding people that she’s not a doctor, but she’s passionate about her job. That, of course, is evident on her Instagram. Protection Status for