Inspirational Instagrams to Follow

Inspirational Instagrams to Follow
February 20, 2017 admin

Sometimes it may seem as if our Instagram feed became boring, dull, we always see the same sort of pictures over and over again. And in those cases, it’s a great time to look for new accounts to follow. So if you want some recommendations, we’re giving them to you here and now!

awesome earth Picture uploaded by Awesome Earth.

What we like about these accounts that we’re going to mention is that they are not only full of great pictures, but they can motivate us in one way or another.

Sweetgreen is a good example. Even if you don’t have one of these restaurants near your, you can still follow their account to see wonderful pictures, many food-related, that will motivate you into making healthier food and making most of your meals much more organic!

If you love new ideas for decorating your house or apartment, Apartment Therapy is an account you’re goign to love. You can get great ideas for your home without having to waste time and money on a specialist (if you really want to avoid that). Plus, the pictures are fantastic.

Awesome Earth is a great account to follow if you’re in love with the planet we live on (come on, who isn’t?). There are lovely pictures of all kinds of different places around the world. Just looking at them makes you want to grab a plane ticket and go somewhere ASAP!

And last but not least, we’ve got the very famous Humans of New York. This account uploads pictures of random people they find in NYC or any other place around the world, and in the caption they add a small story of whoever is in the picture. It’s a lovely account that will bring lots of emotions to all its followers. Protection Status for