Best Analytic Tools for Instagram

Best Analytic Tools for Instagram
February 15, 2017 admin
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One thing in uploading pictures and content to your Instagram account, keeping it active and trying to gain as many followers as possible. But something that we all require and don’t usually do is keep track of our Instagram analytics. That is, thorough analysis of how our account’s going, how many people our posts reach, interactions, etc.

Iconosquare homepage Iconosquare’s homepage.

Today we’re bringing you a few tools to help out with your analytics. One of the most famous ones is Iconosquare. It used to be a totally free app/website, but now you’re required to pay, like the majority. However, the services provided are great and people are very pleased with the results.

Websta is another option, and it also requires payment although you can try it for free first. You can see what days of the week are better to post for us, what hashtags are more influential and reach more people, how many followers you’ve gained in the past month throughout every week, etc. It’s pretty handy! is a great tool if you want to know, for example, which are the most trending hashtags that you should use on your pictures. It’s free for the first week, then it’s 20 USD pero month. You can also check your follower count growth, how many follower’s you’ve lost, etc. It gives you great oversight on the account as a whole.

So if you want your account to grow properly, whether it’s a personal one or business-related, try some of these tools!