Instagram Stories already beat Snapchat as far as users and activity is concerned. However, not everything about it was going to be “perfect”. There’s a limitation to this function, and it’s that you can only upload pictures or videos that you’ve taken in the past 24 hours. But there’s a logic to it. The point of Instagram Stories is to upload things from your day to day life. But what if we wanted a TBT pic or video? Well, calm down, it’s possible.

instagram Picture uploaded to Instagram’s official account (@Instagram).

If we wanted to upload an older picture, it’s quite simple. The easiest option would be to take a screenshot of the picture we want to upload, and it will be saved as a recent picture! Using Google Photos is also a good option (for both pictures and videos) since it saved the contents of yoru camera. When you want to upload something to stories, just download it from there and it will be saved as a new file.

Editing the metadata of a picture or video also works wonders. There are apps that can help us do that, such as Pixelgarde. It does the work for you, and when editing this information, it’s saved as a recent picture. However, one of the easiest solutions if you don’t want to use other apps is uploading a picture or video to Instagram but with your phone on airplane mode. Since you don’t have a connection, it won’t be able to upload and the app will save it to your phone. Then, you upload it to Stories! Simple, right? Protection Status for