How Much do Instagram Stars Earn?

How Much do Instagram Stars Earn?
May 28, 2015 admin
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That is something you may have asked yourself quite a number of times: How are stars and celebrities almost always promoting something on Instagram? Of course, that must mean they get some revenue for that, but is that true? And, if it is, how much do they make, exactly?

Instagram starts do not hesitate to sponsor some well-known brands. Both the celebrities and the brands benefit from this: the celebrities get some extra cash each time they promote a certain product or company, and the companies get more publicity for their products, so they can be sure they’ll reach more people, who will themselves buy the product.

Despite how lucrative it is for the most popular bloggers, this method is, not surprisingly, a taboo. They easily forget to point out that the pic or the video they just uploaded or reblogged is nothing but an ad, or even that they have received the thing they are promoting for no money at all. That has changed, though. One fashion blogger has decided to reveal how much she gets every time she promotes some product on Instagram (of course, she gives medians).

Danielle Bernstein comes from New York. She’s 22 years old and some time ago she decided to reveal her readers (who read her on her blog We Wore What) the rates she applies when she promotes sponsored content. Why would she do something like this? In order to be transparent to her readers.

Bernstein on one of her Instagram picsBernstein on one of her Instagram pics.

Thus, we can find that she makes between 5k and 15k USD for every sponsored content she includes, although the rates may vary depending on the number of posts or photos ordered and on how long she has been working for each company.

Would you do as Danielle if you could earn $92k for one single pic?