Grace Neutral: The Instagram Alien

Grace Neutral: The Instagram Alien
December 11, 2015 admin

On Instagram we can find all kinds of people. Today we’re bringing you a very popular Instagram celebrity called Grace Neutral. This 24 year-old British girl became popular not only for her beauty and all her tattoos, but also because she claims she’s an alien!

grace Picture taken from Grace’s official Instagram account.

Yes, that’s right. This girl has taken body modification to another level. She’s got 90% of her body covered in tattoos. She removed her belly button with surgery and she modified her ears as well by making them elf-like. She also injected purple ink into her eyes to look a little different. Oh, and she got her tongue cut in two.

She claims she never felt comfortable with her natural body, so she decided to do all of these things to feel much more comfortable with herself. And, well, it is her body so she can do whatever she wants with it, right?

She’s got thousands of Instagram followers and she seems to be pretty influential. And, we’ve gotta admit she looks pretty good with all those body mods. We recommend following her Instagram @graceneutral. She’s definitely going to give your news feed a different touch, she’s not the typical Instagram girl you tend to see out there. Protection Status for