Future Update: Instagram Comment Filters

Future Update: Instagram Comment Filters
July 30, 2016 admin
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Instagram is supposed to be a safe social network for people of all ages starting from the age of 14. Since they’re promoting a safe environment on their platform, it’s high time they started taking some measures to avoid all the toxic users from invading other accounts.

You might be thinking that if you don’t want rude or inappropriate comments, you can just make your account private. And well, we’re not gonna lie, that it a possible solution. But that might only work for personal accounts. However, if you’re a celebrity or someone who runs a business, for example, and you use your Instagram to promote yourself or your products, making it private won’t be usefull at all. That’s exactly why Instagram has decided to add a sort of filter to your comments sections. That way, you can choose certain words, emojis or whatever that you don’t want to see on your comments. You can even decide to deactivate comments on certain pictures!

The idea is to make your account cleaner and much more easier to deal with annoying comments nobody wants to read. These options will first be available for accounts with a big amount of followers and account traffic in general. Afterwards, they might be available for smaller accounts. Every user counts!

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