Flirting on Instagram

Flirting on Instagram
November 7, 2015 admin
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We’ve come across several articles that talked about flirting on Instagram and how it should be done. We found this topic very curious, since Instagram is used mainly for business or personal use as a picture blog. But we never came across the idea of using it as some sort of Tinder?

instagram Picture taken from Insta4likes’ official Instagram.

We’re going to briefly exaplin the “tips” we found on blogs regarding this. First of all, the biggest step is following the person you like on Instagram. Kind of obvious, I guess. They also claim that it’s a good idea to like an old photo of that person so they know you’ve been checking their account up and down. So basically, you’ve got to be quite active on both your account and theirs.

You should also be quite carefulw ith what you comment. You can’t be too straightforward (since it’s Instagram and not Tinder), and focus mainly on commenting nicely on pictures they upload. Don’t be too direct about physical appearance. And if you are, just keep it chill. You can end up getting flirty, but always keep the language appropriate. Remember what social network you’re working on. If all goes well, you can always start taking your conversations out of Instagra,

Now, we’re still not very sure how many people use Instagram for this purpose. It doesn’t really focus much on Instagram’s objective and point, but who knows! It seems to be some sort of all-rounder social network; works for everything and everyone!