Fighting Anorexia Through Instagram

Fighting Anorexia Through Instagram
September 18, 2015 admin
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As some of you may already know, there are a lot of anorexia-related hashtags that are banned from being used. However the hashtag #Anorexia isn’t. That’s because it can be used to create awareness and help all those who look for it through this social network. In fact, it’s not the first time we’ve read cases of girls, women or men that have found lots of help through Instagram.

ashleigh ponder Picture of Ashleigh Ponder, taken from her Instagram account.

Today we’ve found out about the case of Ashleigh Ponder, a 16 year old from England who had suffered from anorexia not too long ago. In fact, she was recently interviewed by Buzzfeed, where you briefly explains her experience and how she dealt with her problem. She explained how she would go eat out with someone and just order a glass of water. She would barely eat at all.

Apparently, she also had a really bad experience with a dietician that would make her eat so much that she ended up gaining extra weight. So she evetually became paranoid with food. After that, she decided to take to Instagram to look for more frustrated anorexics. She had come across a los of pro-anorexia sites but she couldn’t understand how people would want to wish the same bad experiences on others.

Once on Instagram, she found lots of recovery blogs that eventually helped her start getting out of her dark hole slowly. She didn’t feel alone, and this all helped her understand the problem much better.

This isn’t the first time we hear a story like this one, and we’re glad that Instagram can end up being such a great help and not just a simple “pretty pictures” blog-like web!