Mia Khalifa Got Her Instagram Hacked

Mia Khalifa Got Her Instagram Hacked
September 17, 2015 admin
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The Internet has been going crazy since this past Monday, when they hacked Mia Khalifa‘s Instagram account. For those of you who don’t know her, she’s a famous Lebanese adult film actress that because very popular in the past years. She has over 2 million followers on Instagram, but her account got hacked by what she claims are “terrorists”.

You can imagine how annoying it can be to have so many followers and lose your account because it got hacked. Heck, it would even annoy us if we weren’t that famous, right? Well, anyway, she claims that the hackers were from Saudi Arabia. Her theory is that she has angered Lebanese es Muslims due to the kind of content she uploads not only on her Instagram account, but to the Internet in general since it goes against her country’s religious beliefs.

She took to her Twitter account and asked for help on getting her account back. She sent a tweet to Instagram’s official Twitter several times, but apparently she hasn’t been lucky. We can understand why this might have happened, her theory does make sense. Well, apart from the fact that pretty much confirms it: they took down all her explicit pictures and uploaded Islamic symbols, the Saudi Arabian flag, etc.


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