Brooklyn Beckham and Instagram Rules

Brooklyn Beckham and Instagram Rules
September 21, 2015 admin
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You’ve probably already heard of David and Victoria’s son, Brooklyn Beckham. In fact, we recently talked about a video he had uploaded to explain to all of his followers some of the most basic Instagram tips in order to gain lots of followers and how to make them stay. What you probably didn’t know about Brooklyn and his account is that he’s got some rules to follow. And no, we’re not talking about Instagram’s basic rules all users have to follow.

Brooklyn-Beckham-1 A picture of Brooklyn Beckham.

The first thing we’ve got to bear in mind is that this should be pretty obvious, since the kid is only 16 years old. He’s become incredibly popular on Instagram not only because he’s the son of two famous celebrities, but also because he uploads good-quality pictures that attract lots of people.

However, every single thing that he uploads is approved by his parents. He’ll never upload a picture without a “Yes” from David or Victoria. He does claim, though, that his mom is more strict. So maybe if he wants to upload a riskier picture he’ll just go to his dad. Of course, we’re assuming he’ll be able to upload whatever he wants once he’s 18 years old.

Honestly, this is something all parents should do with their kids. It’s extremely important to monitor what your children do on the Internet since it’s so easy-to-use nowadays and, of course, very dangerous.