Connie Inglis has become very popular in the past few days because of her moving story on Instagram. This girl has ben suffering with a mental illness that affects many girls and boys arouns the world today, but it’s great to see that some people are able to recover from this.

Picture of Connie Inglis, one year ago and today.

Connie has been suffering from anorexia por the past ten years, and she had to be hospitalized several times throughout those years because of how ill she had become, and last year she was hospitalized one last time. However, this was going to be her last time in a hospital for that reason because after that she finally started recovering.

We love reading about these recovery stories, because it really is hard to recover from such a serious mental illness. Connie claims that the biggest help she got was all the support from her boyfriend, family and friends. It’s what pushed her to keep fighting and starting to learn how to appreciate her own body, because striving for that “perfect” body that we’re always being sold made her fall into a pit of despair.

In the picture above you can see the dramatic change in her body. A year ago she was just bone and skin, and today she’s a really healthy-looking girl! Protection Status for