As well rookies as celebs chefs purchase followers on Instagram to become an influencer.

Cooking is an art and part of our lives, and for this reason it has earned its place on Instagram. A lot of people posts pictures of their breakfast, lunch or dinner. This art has an important group of artists who can be celebs or rookies. In these times, all artists need to make their publicity on social media, so they purchase followers on Instagram and they turn into foodies.

Why do foodies need to purchase followers on Instagram? Because they want to be famous and be influencers. Some of the most famous Instagram’s chefs weren’t celebs when they started to posts on Instagram. So, these rookie chefs purchase followers on Instagram and now they are celebs.

One example of this is Laura López. She makes wonderful pictures of her cooked dishes with an explosion of colours. She has now more than two hundred thousand followers. When she started she barely had one thousand followers, so she decided to purchase followers on Instagram and boost their account with new comments and likes.

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pumpkin & blue cheese🧀

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Other example of this is Dave Chang. He makes wonderful videos about his cooked dishes. His posts are about Asiatic, American, European or invented foods, all very delicious. At the moment he is famous thanks to his seven hundred thousand followers, but he needs to purchase followers on Instagram every day to stay on top.

Others, like Giada DeLaurentiis, has two Instagram accounts: one of her personal live and other one with her recipes. In this case, she needs to purchase followers on Instagram to boost both accounts. Giada has one million followers on her personal account but with her recipes account, she only has one hundred thousand followers.

So, if you prefer to have two accounts, try to purchase the same followers in both or boost your non-personal account. If you prefer to use only one account, it will be very easy to purchase followers on Instagram to boost your account and become a celebrity.

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