Bows to get active followers Instagram

Bows to get active followers Instagram
April 10, 2018 Merle. i4L Staff Writer
Bows to get active followers Instagram

People draw bows on their face to get active followers Instagram

Do you remember our last post? The post about spring’s and winter’s eyebrows. Now, a new fashion has emerged: people started to draw bows in their face to get active followers Instagram. This seems crazy, but they draw their bows to post pictures on Instagram and get followers. They, haven’t gone outside with those drawing, for now

How can I get the perfect bows for my eyebrows? It’s very ease, you only need to use a pencil and draw on your eyebrows and your forehead huge bows.

Who did start that fashion? She was Lisette Scheffler, a young from Germany, who want to invent her own trend. For this reason, she thought, that she can invent their own trend and get active followers Instagram. Surprisingly, people like that, and she has increased in five hundred her followers.

Other example is Stefan Oskys. She revolutionized the world of eyebrows when she started to post her new pictures showing new models of drawn eyebrows. She has become fashionable Mario Kart eyebrows, butterfly’s eyebrows and fish tails eyebrows. Now, she can get active followers Instagram and increase her followers thanks to her daring designs. She has more than one hundred thousand of followers, who want to see her different designs.

Now, others girls have started to post their own eyebrows tendencies. Sadia Pkus opted to post a video and a picture of her fish tail brows, and she gets active followers Instagram immediately. She has in total seven hundred    forty five thousand of followers, and getting more and more everyday with her tutorial.

Other one is Dianne Guillergan with her wave brows. Although, she has less followers than Sadia or Stefan, she created her own trend. Actually, she gets more than two thousand of followers thanks to her eyebrows.

Unique eyebrows are the new trend. You should remember the new tendencies on eyebrows like drawn eyebrows, Christmas eyebrows or spring eyebrows. Maybe, if you are quick, you can start a new trend with summer eyebrows. You will get active followers Instagram with small starfishes and fishes on you eyebrows. Protection Status for