Actor gets million followers on Instagram fast

Actor gets million followers on Instagram fast
February 18, 2018 Merle. i4L Staff Writer
Actor gets million followers on Instagram fast

Actor gets million followers on Instagram fast, in only three months! On Instagram we can see different actors and actress using their account to show to their fans what their real life is like. For example, Arnold Schwarzenegger started to use Instagram in 2012 and get a lot of followers on Instagram fast, but now he has only thirteen million of followers. Even singers have their own account to show how they enjoy their life, for example: Justin Bieber shows to more than ninety million of followers his travels, tattoos and hobbies. But they have their account since 2012.

We have today the case of an incredible record to get followers on Instagram fast. This person has got more than nine million on followers in only three months. How does he do it? Who is this owner of the record account like?

The owner of this account was a famous prince on the TV in the 90s, and now he has become a famous actor.

Of course, we are talking about Will Smith. He started to use Instagram on December 2017, and now he has nine million eight hundred thousand of followers on Instagram, and incredible ascent to the club of accounts with million of followers.

He gets this thanks to his funny and naturally videos. Will Smith has the power to make funny videos singing, playing instruments or enjoying with his friends and family. Even, he dares with songs of his children, Jaden Smith, or with the lyrics of La Bamba, in Spanish, of course.

All of this shows his fans and his followers he wants to share his way of life and being beyond the cameras of the cinemas.

The Prince of Belair has gotten, as we can see, a warm welcome on Instagram, and we hope he remains forever with his funny videos, and he continues getting followers on Instagram fast. Protection Status for