Teen Takes Legal Actions Against Lorna Jane

Teen Takes Legal Actions Against Lorna Jane
October 9, 2015 admin
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A young girl named Lydia Jahnke realized not too long ago that a clothing brand stole one of her pictures she uploaded to her personal Instagram account and turn it into a $60 shirt. Of course, she was never informed of this, and obviously thought it wasn’t fair at all.

lydia instagram This is the picture they stole from Lydia’s profile.

However, this isn’t an isolated case of a brand who stole a picture from a random prson on the Internet to make a shirt. No, sir. This girls’ Instagram was well-known for being a great follower of said brand. In fact, she even met the founder Lorna Jane Clarkson in person and she’s received personalized mails from them. Why on Earth would they do that?

So of course, Lydia was both surprised and saddened. A brand she liked to much from a woman she considers to be an idol stealing from her and making money out of it? She decided to take legal measurements, and we think it was the best option. It’s definitely not the first story we hear about people stealing other’s work from Instagram, and it’s definitely not the last time we’ll be seeing news like this either.

There’s not much known about the case at the moment, but we’ll be hoping we get some updates on it in the near future.

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