Another One Gets Hacked on Instagram!

Another One Gets Hacked on Instagram!
October 13, 2015 admin
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The next Instagram hacking victim was Marlene King, one of the executive producers of the famous TV show Pretty Little Liars. It’s not the first time someone famous gets hacked on that social network. What surprises us is that it’s not an “obvious” celebrity. You know, someone we see directly on the big screen all day every day.

marlene instagram Picture taken from Marlene’s Instagram account.

As you can see, you don’t have to be on a Miley Cyrus fame level to get attention from media hackers. So Marlene, the next victim, had to deal with this situation. Int his case, what they did was “flame” and rant about the “terrible” storylines this woman writes for the story. The hacker uploaded a few pictures of different characters and sceens from the show and explained things in the caption. They would say how a certain character didn’t seem to make sense or just expressed how they didn’t agree with the storyline here or there. Oh, and they also said Marlene had a very easy-to-guess password…

Later on Marlene deleted these pictures and uploaded a status explaining what had happened and thanked everyone who had supported her. Seriously, nobody shoul dhave to go through something like that. And if you don’t like a show’s plot then nobody is making you watch it. No need to be rude!