Photoshopping and Instagram

Photoshopping and Instagram
March 25, 2016 admin
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When you’re famous on Instagram you have thousands or even millions of followers, therefore you know you’re having thousands of eyes on each of your pictures. So if you sometimes use Photoshop, someone might notice. Sometimes people even claim celebrities use Photoshop when they haven’t… but sometimes you just can’t tell!

britney spears instagram Britney Spears’ picture that people think is Photoshopped.

In the past few years a wave of users has started to grow, users that are against the use of Photoshop or any photo editing program on celebrity pictures. This is because we live in a society that tells us we must be perfect and flawless, and lots of people get influenced by that. But if famous people go against that on their social media, that will have a positive influence on everyone.

A few days ago Britney Spears uploaded a picture to her Instagram account where she’s lying next to a pool sunbathing. In the picture you can see she’s lying on her back, and she seems to have a “back gap” that’s not too natural. So people saw this and starting accusing her of using Photoshop, not only because it doesn’t look natural but because if that were a space, we should be able to see the pool tiles and not the water. Others say it could be a towel that’s on her back. But honestly, you can’t really tell. And Britney seems to have not said anything about it.

So this is one of those cases where it’s not very clear. But Instagram celebrities have a very important role on that social network, although sometimes it’s unavoidable to upload pictures that are more “ambiguous”.