Amazing Food Instagram Accounts

Amazing Food Instagram Accounts
March 23, 2016 admin
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Giving your timeline a new fresh look can be challenging. It’s nto easy to choose what new accounts you want to follow if you don’t even know where to begin or what kind of themes you’re looking for. Today we’re going to show you some food-related Instagram accounts that you might just love!

instagram food One of Ottolenghi’s delicious plates.

The first one is called @we_are_food, and it’s managed by one of Jamie Oliver’s trainees: Anna Jones. She uploads a wide variety of vegetarian dishes that, honestly, seem very easy to do! It’s a great account to follow if you’re a vegetarian that wants some food inspiration or someone who just wants to try some good veggie recipes!

Another awesome account is @iambaker, whos owner is named Amanda and… she loves to bake! And not only does she upload great pictures of what she cooks, but she also has hilarious captions to go with it all!

@Violetcakeslondon is a must follow account. Claire Ptak makes not only the nicest and lovliest pictures of her cakes, but her recipes are just outstanding. You’ll definitely have your stomach grumbling every time you come accross one of her pastries.

And last, but not least we bring you @ottolenghi. In this account you’ve got a bit of everything, and the mix of good pictures and amazing recipes will have you wanting to lick the food directly from your screen.