Mariah Carey Caught Using Photoshop!

Mariah Carey Caught Using Photoshop!
November 28, 2016 admin
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Mariah Carey isn’t just known for being a great singer. She’s also known for terribly Photoshoppping her Instagram pictures. She probably edits them herself, and since she’s not a professional photo editor, there are mistakes which can be seen by everyone.

mariah instagram Picture uploaded by Mariah that is obviously edited.

This past Thanksgiving Mariah uploaded a picture of herself celebrating this holiday, and everyone noticed that something looked weird about the picture. She had edited part of her body, like her legs and an arm, but she didn’t notice that she was moving the background as well. Therefore, we can see the cabinet doors moved in an unnatural way, so it’s pretty obvious she edited it.

It’s hard to believe how famous celebrities with so many Instagram followers make these huge mistakes. Did she really think nobody was going to notice that? And it’s not like she’s the only one, there are many more famous Instagrammers that edit their pictures and don’t really pay attention to the final result. Honestly, we think it’s extremely important to check your pictures for any huge flaws like this when Photoshoppping them. It’s just much worse than not editing them at all. In fact, in most cases it would have been the smartest option. Protection Status for