Madonna’s Family Christmas

Madonna’s Family Christmas
December 28, 2015 admin
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Madonna has married Guy Ritchie back in 2000, but the lovely couple got a divorce eight years later. Now, Madonna is fighting for the custody of their son Rocco. But things aren’t going smooth for her, and all in the middle of Christmas vacations!

madonna rocco Picture of Madonna and her son Rocco.

Madonna claims that her son had told her that he would prefer living with her. However, he preferred spending Christmas with his father back in New York. During this time, Madonna uploaded photos of her holidays with her other kids. However, she also uploaded a picture of herself with Rocco withing him a Merry Christmas.

She’s recently been to court to ask for the custody of her son, but it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. Guy Ritchie is also fighting back, since he also wants his son to be with him. The problem here is that each of them claim that Rocco told them that they want to be with each respectively. That is, he told his father he wants to be with him and his mom he wants to be with her.

How will things turn out? We’re not too sure, but court has claimed that Rocco must be the one to choose, of course. And before he does, he must visit his mother and spend a few days with her. This must be quite a tough decision, let’s just see how it ends.