The Youngest Instagram Stars

The Youngest Instagram Stars
December 29, 2015 admin
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There are lots of famous people on Instagram with thousands of maybe even millions of followers. Most of them are people in their twenties up to their 40s, although even younger generations are joining as well. Today we’re bringing you the most popular Instagram accounts of all time… but you won’t believe how old they are.

ryker wixom Picture of Ryker Wixom.

We’re talking about the youngest yet most fashionable Instagram celebrities you’ll find out there. First fo all we’ve got Ryker Wixom, a 4 year-old boy from LA. Most guys would be jealous of his sense of style (or, well, his mom’s). He copycats outfits from famous Hollywood stars and rocks them out like no one else!

Another famous Instagram star is London Scout. Her Instagram was also created by her mom since a 3 year-old isn’t likely to create one herself. She wanted to document the fashionable life of her little daughter in Manhattan, and that definitely seems to be working for her. She’s got an awesome wardrobe, you’d just want to have all of her clothes!

Lastly, the “oldest” one is called Alonso Mateo. He’s 7 years old and, of course, also managed by his mom. She definitely has a great sense of style to dress his kid up, he looks like a total adult! However, he doesn’t have his own Instagram anymore, but you can still check him out on his mom’s official account @luisafere.