Louise Delage, Instagram Influencer?

Louise Delage, Instagram Influencer?
October 8, 2016 admin
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Louise Delage is a young French girl that joined Instagram not too long ago. In fact, she joined this past summer (August) and in just a matter of months, she already has over 80.000 followers, and her pictures receive hundreds or even thousands of likes. Her account seems to show that she lives a rich and glamorous life but… where did this girl come from? Who is she?

instagram louise delage A picture of Louise in the pool… with a drink.

Her followers would always comment on her pictures telling her how lovely her clothes were, how cool her life seemed to be and how pretty she is. But there was something special about each and every one of those pictures that nobody seemed to notice. In every picture she was holding either a bottle or a glass of an alcoholic beverage. And that wasn’t an accident. In fact, this account was created by an agency from France called BETC Paris for the Aide Addict campaign with the specific goal of raising awareness of alcohol and drug addiction problems with young adults.

So, basically, this entire account is an ad for the company. And, honestly, when everyone found out they thought it was brilliant. It’s subtle, and it’s attractive. And it’s really hard to get even when looking through the account. They already assumed that people wouldn’t notice the addiction, and it’s part of the issue they want to address: lots of people don’t seem to realize when someone is addicted. Great campaign.