Painting One Nail… Why?

Painting One Nail… Why?
October 11, 2016 admin

Painting One Nail… Why?

Maybe you’ve noticed that during these past few days of October, lots of people on Instagram have uploaded pictures with one single nail painted. What’s curious is that only men did this, and we wanted to know why.

Painting One Nail... Why?

Promotional image for the campaign

Most of these pictures are accompanied by the hashtag #polishedman. It seems that it’s part of a campaign to raise awareness of child abuse. They are also gathering funds to help all these kids in need who have suffered this. It seems that one out of every 5 kids have suffered some kind of abuse throughout their childhood and, to be honest, that is a huge amount.

The fact that lots of celebrities have joined this fight for such an important cause is great because, being Instagram the kind of social network it is, these people have millions of followers that are definitely going to see these pictures, and a percentage of all those who see it will surely get up and help in any way they can, even if it’s just with a small donation.

This is one of the great things that Instagram is capable of, transmitting important messages on a worldwide scale. We think this campaigne is a great idea and hope that they manage to help lots of people in need. Apparently, they’ve managed to reach $400.000, and that’s incredible. Keep up the good work! Protection Status for