Kylie Jenner Has Had Enough of the Internet

Kylie Jenner Has Had Enough of the Internet
February 24, 2016 admin
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Kylie Jenner has become one of the most influential celebrities on Instagram in the past year. She has millions of followers and thanks to this fame, she was even able to start her own line of products. However, this kind of life isn’t what everyone wants. Kylie included.

kylie jenner Picture of Kylie taken frmo her official Instagram account.

She claimed a few months back that she was thinking about closing her Instagram account. Today she has come back with the same affirmation; she says the Internet has created some sort of alter ego of herself. And also, since her rise on Instagram, she has been having several problems with herself related to personality issues.

She has also claimed that behind allt hose pictures that we all see, where’s she’s on the red carpet, smiling at dinner with friends and so on, there’s a girl that’s having lots of identity and self-esteem issues and isn’t at all happy with her life. It’s a lot of pressure for someone so young and with fame that came into her life so fast.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a similar case to this one and we’re pretty sure it won’t be the last. Internet is an amazing tool we’ve got nowadays to promote ourselves, our business or whatever we want, especially on Instagram. But we have to learn the limits and not devote our entire life to it. It’s all about better management… or is it?