Instagram Star Faking Pictures!

Instagram Star Faking Pictures!
January 6, 2017 admin
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A flight attendant that seemed to be very popular on Instagram with a huge amount of followers that loved to havea  glimpse at what seemed to be an awesome lifestlye. However, everything is not always what is seems, specially on social media. This girl’s life seemed to be quite the hoax that everyone fell for.

instagram scam air hostess This is one of the pictures uploaded by her, and someone in the comments section showing the original picture.

Louktarn Ticha is allegedly a Thai airline hostess that lives a seemingly glamorous life. She would upload pictures of herself in lots of different places of the world, so she started gaining lots of followers that were very interested in the type of life that she lived and the places she was seeing. But… she eventually got caught.

Someone realized not too long ago that one of her pictures was Photoshopped. They recognized the original picture and posted it in the comments section. Then more people joined in and started “researching” her pictures, finding out that she was taking pictures from other photographers and using them as their own, without crediting anyone. This isn’t just wrong, it’s illegal. More and more people started commenting on her pictures, showing proof about how she was “cheating”. Not too long afterwards, she deleted her Instagram account. Honestly, it was probably the best she could do, because it’s pretty much impossible for such a big account to recover from that.