Instagram Doesn’t Get Tired of Deleting Hashtags

Instagram Doesn’t Get Tired of Deleting Hashtags
August 5, 2015 admin
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After having dealt with #curvy in the worst way possible, Instagram has done the same thing to the hashtag that came in place of that one – #goddess. Why does Instagram censor hashtags so frequently? The terms and conditions state it clearly.

Don’t go and try to find the #goddess hashtag on Instagram anymore, as you won’t find anything filed under it. NSFW searches have always been a problem for Instagram, whose Terms and Conditions clearly say that no pornographic content will be allowed on the site. Remember the “Free the Nipple” campaign? We’re not talking about a new problem, but one that has been existing since the social network was created.

If they keep going at this pace, we may soon see signs such as this one on Instagram... If they keep going at this pace, we may soon see signs such as this one on Instagram…

According to Instagram staff, the #goddess hashtag served only as a way of sharing indecent content, i.e. nude females, nipples and chests – feminine ones, of course. It was deemed a stupid decision by users to delete the #curvy hashtag, so Instagram staff kind of made a deal: they would review and select every picture under that hashtag in order to delete only the explicit ones.

Maybe the solution is there: if you have a strict content policy, you should only delete the content that your rules don’t allow, not going crazy censoring entire hashtags that serve as a way of expression for thousands of people. It was noted that, while censoring hashtags used by women in order to empower themselves, sexist and misogynist hashtags have been widely used and no one at Instagram has said a word.

Learning the difference between what is merely a nude and what is pornography shouldn’t be so difficult, yet it will certainly not be the last hashtag that Instagram deletes. At least now we know that they may take the effort to look at them individually. It’s something.