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For a business venture to grow, you must keep the customers aware of Black Friday's deals with a good marketing hack. For this, you will have to make sure that you show the customers what you are about to sell. To drive sales on the social media platform in general and on Instagram, specifically, you will have to prepare a proper Black Friday sales and promotion plan.

Your planning strategy will have to be narrow in its approach and strategic in its focus. Use Instagram as a retool because it is a flexible medium with dynamic advertisements, has e-commerce features, and a broad audience to lure. It can even help to take your venture to new heights.

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Step by step guide to organize Black Friday plan on Instagram

Determine Instagram and customer interest

in the first place, you will have to discern how Instagram can fit the client’s Black Friday experience. If you face complementary resources, then Instagram can be an effective mechanism to sell directly to the customers. There are various Instagram approval requirements, including syncing your Instagram account into a business profile, selling physical goods, and using tools to create a product catalog. Thus, Instagram has emerged as a tool that is a part of the customer’s journey while purchasing during Black Friday sales.

The posts need proper planning

1.- you will have to prepare the contents to make it a direct reflection of the products and services you provide to your customers.

2.- You will have to plan to get all the resources in one place before showcasing them to your prospective audience.

3.- You may have to prepare a few days before Black Friday to make necessary improvements during the event. Also, try to provide one post per day during the Black Friday campaign for reminding the customers about the sale.

Instagram stories

Instagram stories are a powerful tool that different brands can use to create brand awareness and connect to the clients. Through stories, you can create awareness regarding your products and services. They are the shortest and most comfortable method deployed for your profit. The stories can be a collection of photographs or a small video depending upon your marketing strategy. It helps to establish a strong relationship with the target audience as they feel connected with your brand. If you do not want to create any disruption to your sales. You can use the stories to tell the people about new launches. The Black Friday sales are no exception in this regard. When the audience sees Instagram stories, they feel a sense of inclination to buy discounted products.

Apart from the above-given points. You must remember that the interplay of Instagram and Black Friday marketing is a recent trend that is becoming increasingly popular. Refer to for ideas to promote your brand. As a brand owner, it is your responsibility to use the platform most effectively. You may have to team up with the influencers in the meantime so that you can create trust in the marketing scenario.

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