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There is every reason you should be among the 25 million businesses that use Instagram to promote their products and services. Besides it is a great way to use for brand building awareness among the majority of the one billion active users. The most important reason for taking your business to Instagram is because it is easier to garner attention on the platform as 90% of users follow at least one business, which gives enormous brand exposure. Moreover, by buying real followers periodically from, you can augment your follower base and derive meaningful business results.

Christmas marketing campaigns on Instagram that can flourish by using these strategies

Gain mileage from Instagram marketing

Using Instagram for your Christmas marketing campaign will give you a lot of advantage in reaching your target customers. Both existing and potential, by staying closely engaged with them to share the fun and joys of the festive season.  Depending on your ability to get the most from Instagram. You can maximize the business gains during the holiday season despite the intense competition. Every business tries to ramp up it's marketing by exploiting Instagram's business-friendly features, which do not have any parallel.

Create campaigns with some thought

Customers do not welcome all promotional campaigns, especially if they feel it to be intrusive. You can create some inspiring holiday marketing campaigns by aligning them correctly with the targeted audience's psyche. Here are ways to create effective campaigns that can evoke a positive response from the audience that signals revenue flow.

Float gift ideas

Christmas is the gifting season when people buy a lot of gifts for themselves and others. Align your marketing campaign to capture people's gifting mood and target them with content specially created with enthralling visuals of various gifting ideas that have links to your product line created for the holiday season.  Create content with vibrant images and captivating captions that encourage the audience to take some action that serves your business. Highlight the collection's specialty by underscoring the holiday spirit elements and stirs emotions that promote a closer engagement with holiday shoppers.

Focus on user-generated content

Creating a content plan with purpose will enable better engagement and the holiday season provides ample scope to take the engagement a level above by encouraging user-generated content. If your brand has a strong follower base and loyal customers. You can encourage them to post images and videos posing with your products or upholding it in some way on Instagram. Create a festive hashtag that can connect users who respond to your call and post photos as desired.   Depending on the campaign's popularity. You can even convert it into an annual festival that the audience would wait anxiously every Christmas.

Give clues about holiday styles

To help customers make the right purchasing decisions during Christmas buying. You can provide holiday style hacks to your followers that include your products and inspire them to buy.  Address the customer pain points through your campaign without referring to your products to not encroach into their privacy but tacitly encourage them to buy from you.

Take advantage of long-form video on IGTV to make your campaign more appealing.

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