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Instagram Creative strategies. To make your business stand out from others in the crowded social media space, choosing Instagram gives you a shot in the arm as the high appeal of visuals gives you the advantage of higher engagement right from the beginning. The best thing about taking your business to Instagram is that you can kick start your campaign. Bolster it immediately by buying followers from It can give you instant brand recognition and the scope to grow the brand rapidly. Therefore, if you are new to Instagram, this is the time to reap the business benefits from the Christmas shopping that has already started in full swing by overcoming the gloom of the Covid19 pandemic.

Creative strategies to give better results on Instagram when targeting the Christmas holiday sales

Give back to charity – a novel way to raise the festive spirit

Start with a bang by raising the holiday spirit by tapping on your followers' sentiments who are ready to respect and support your business by considering its humane side, which you can amply demonstrate through the Instagram content created with visuals. Using a mix of images and videos enhance the appeal and attractions of the content that can strike a chord with the audience immediately and even evoke some positive response. The majority of buyers are millennials and Gen Z. Who are more likely to buy from companies ready to pay back by fulfilling their social and environmental commitments. So, your promotional campaigns should be much more than just offering discounts. Capture the humane side of your business based on giving away to society.

Offer rewards

Giving is a way to express love and gratitude, which underlines the Christmas spirit highlighting strong human bonding. And businesses must capture the sentiment to strengthen their relationship with customers. It is a great idea to host some giveaways as part of your Instagram campaign when the holiday season is in full swing. Christmas is the right time when you would like to reward your customers' loyalty and followers. Everyone expects some gifts that are part of the culture of giving during the holiday season.

Running a giveaway campaign on Instagram will generate a lot of attention to your Instagram account. Freebies have a huge attraction that is difficult to resist. A well-organized giveaway campaign increases brand awareness and creates better bonding with customers, which boosts seasonal sales.

Cut the monotony with Instagram ads

Since everyone tries to capitalize on the holiday content, there is quick saturation of the Instagram space flooded with almost similar themed content, leading to boredom and making the audience lose some interest. To provide some relief to the audience, and make a unique mark. Move away from focusing exclusively on holiday content to engage the audience. Instead, explore the captivating powers of Instagram ads by posting creative ads that have the festive season's flavor.

Create a campaign of targeted ads that has a festive tone and adds a special appeal by deviating from the usual way of presenting content that often turns cliché.

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