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How Can Brands Use Instagram for Thanksgiving Promotion? Thanksgiving is a big holiday for brands. It offers them an opportunity to boost engagement with customers and advertise their new/discounted products. Amid the different social media platforms, Instagram has turned into an ideal marketplace, especially for online shopping.

These days Instagrammers are discovering Thanksgiving promotion in-app. It is more likely that target audiences are all set to buy and find Thanksgiving gifts on Instagram. What's more, it becomes simpler for brands to sell on the platform- a brand that introduces product tags, in-app checkout, and shopping story stickers on Instagram.

Tips to Increase Thanksgiving Sales on Instagram

Customers in the current age are tech and information savvy. Thus it does not take too much time in research before making purchase decisions. Concerning the closing seasonal sales, it is the hesitation of the customers that is the biggest enemy. It is thus crucial to know ways of encouraging holiday shoppers to take the desired action instantaneously. Take a look at the different forms of driving Instagram sales on occasion on Thanksgiving.

How Can Brands Use Instagram for Thanksgiving Promotion?

Unlimited Deals and Offers

Time-limited deals and offers even today are a hit. Though this is a well-known marketing tactic among people, the fear of missing out has a crucial impact on them. Thus customers often hasten to buy stuff at a particular period to avail of a reward. Most brands get excellent outcomes when they entail scarcity.

Seasonal Sale

Shopping during Thanksgiving is an excellent chance to get unique offers and discounts. After all, more than 90% of impulse buys generally happened through sales. With the rise in mobile shoppers, promotion through seasonal sales using Instagram is a good idea. The best way to entice followers to become customers will be by announcing the Thanksgiving sale and offering attractive discounts. To know more, visit

Last-minute Gifting Ideas

Many customers wait till the eleventh hour to invest in gifts during occasions such as Thanksgiving. So the best way to grab the attention of these buyers will be to offer last-minute gift ideas on Instagram for making the lives easy for all late shoppers.

Announce a Contest or Giveaway

Thanksgiving is an ideal festive season for rewarding customers to be by their side. Though sending personal cards to each customer is a daunting task, Instagram giveaways is a smart means of rewarding loyal customers. We all know that gifts are something that is quite hard to resist. Thus, giving Instagram giveaways will work wonders in improving and encouraging engagement, increasing brand awareness, and boosting seasonal sales. The moment one offers gift certificates or branded freebies, you will highlight your Thanksgiving services and products. This means you can promote them subtly without bombarding customers with information.

Apart from this, the other tips include offering gift wrapping and free shipping, appeal to emotions, and publish short-lived content. With Instagram having immense popularity among customers, it has turned into a vital marketplace, especially for e-commerce brands that desire to boost sales during Thanksgiving.

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