How Instagram Has Changed Society

How Instagram Has Changed Society
February 23, 2015 admin
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Before the Internet, things were slow, it would take a long time for ideas, news and messages to travel. But now, we can share anything we want, and it can be seen by more than a billion people, for free. Advances in technology like this change the way our society works and behaves. Social media sites have influenced this even more as it is now easier than ever to share what you want with the world.  Instagram has over 400 million active users constantly posting new photos from their life, it has changed lives and changed the way we live our lives, and here is why:

It is Inspiring: Instagram is a great influencer in society. We can see what other people, our role models look like, and what they get up to, and it gives us to inspiration to improve and achieve what we desire. A prime example of what I mean are the thousands of Instagram profiles that are dedicated to health & fitness. They will regularly post motivating photos of people looking in their best possible shape, and it might just give us the motivation, to see that’s the dreams we have are not impossible.

It Lets Us Get Noticed: What do you want to get noticed for? Your looks? Fashion sense? Photography skills? Instagram is where people get noticed, nowhere else can you really show yourself off this much. For aspiring photographers there are a variety of professional style filters to use on your photo’s, making them look fantastic every time.

It Started the Selfie: Selfies are now a thing, it has been accepted as a thing, and it looks like it’s here to stay. Selfies started on Instagram and blew up like wildfire all over the internet, it was even added as an official word by Oxford dictionaries in 2013. There are over 81 million photos on Instagram with the #Selfie hashtag.

Changed The Way Businesses Operate:  In today’s business world, if you aren’t online, then you aren’t anything. Most companies would be expected to not only have an official website, but an active social media presence also. Businesses now use Instagram to communicate with their fans and customers directly, and the people seem to love this personal side to businesses as many brands have very responsive followers.