Most Famous Instagram Dogs

Most Famous Instagram Dogs
March 7, 2016 admin
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On Instagram, not only are there famous people but also famous animals. And today we’re bringing you some of the most famous dogs that we’ve found on the website! They’re all very special and unique in their own way, and we’re sure you’ll love them!

First we’ve got a Shiba Inu from New York who is known on Instagram as mensweardog. He’s got so much style you can’t even imagine. With a quick look at the account you’ll realize that he probably dresses better than you do. You might even get some wardrobe inspiration from him!

Another very famous dog is Tuna, known on Instagram as tunameltsmyheart, who had his jaw reconstructed due to health problems. However, even though he is a little different from other dogs of his breed, he’s very cute and has thousands of fans on Instagram!

And last, but not least, we bring you Ginny, a Jack Russell that lives in the UK and is cuter that a stuffed animal. His lovely hair and ears and the way he looks so energetic in every photo has created a huge fanbase on Instagram. People are always waiting for new pictures or videos of this lovely dog!

There are, of course, many more famous animals on Instagram, since it’s a social website where people tend to spam pictures of their pets. So if you’ve liked these, we encourage you to keep looking for more!

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