Color Your Own Instagram!

Color Your Own Instagram!
April 18, 2016 admin
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In the past few year (or years?) coloring books for adults have become extremely popular. We’re not too sure when it all started, but it seems that it helps many people reduce their levels of stress and anxiety. And even if you don’t have any of that, it’s just a really good way to relax, even if you’re not good at coloring at all.

color me book instagram Thanks to Color Me Book, you can turn your own Instagram pictures into coloring books!

Even famous celebrities like Justin Bieber have started coloring in order to chill out for a few minutes during the day! There are many adults coloring books in the market right now, but there’s a very special one that we wanted to show you today.

So… what if we told you that you could turn your own Instagram into a personalized coloring book? Well, now it’s possible! Thanks to the company Color Me Book, you can purchase a small coloring book (5 pages) of your own Instagram pictures made black and white. It costs $25, and when you purchase it all you have to do is upload the pictures as well with your order.

Now you can relax by coloring in your dog purple or yesterday’s breakfast in really weird colors. Or in its original colors, whatever you think is best!