Olsen Twins Instagram Mystery

Olsen Twins Instagram Mystery
April 16, 2016 admin
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In case some of you still haven’t noticed, the Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are pretty well-known for not having accounts on social media. Their fans have a very hard time keeping up with their lives because they really like to keep it on the down low. They barely make any details public about anything, unless it’s something probably related to their business.

instagram marykate ashley First public selfie uploaded by the Olsen twins.

However, the other day Instagram went insane when a selfie of the twins was uploaded to Instagram. No, they didn’t create an account. It was uploaded to Sephora’s official one. And we know it was them since the caption seems to be written by them: “First public selfie ever”. So basically, that means they did one of those famous Instagram takeovers, where a celebrity posts on another account that’s not theirs and basically takes over their feed for a few hours.

Sephora’s Instagram was taken over by the two sisters for a few hours, and they not only uploaded that selfie but also a few details of their everyday life. Of course, people couldn’t believe it, and some immediately thought tht this meant that they’d join the famous social network. But things still remain the same in that sense. Although, who knows? Maybe after using it for a few hours they change their mind!