Interactive Ads on Facebook and Instagram

Interactive Ads on Facebook and Instagram
April 20, 2016 admin
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When browsing the Internet you’ve probably seen lots of video ads that, when putting your mouse over them, give you additional information or something along those lines. Facebook and Instagram have seen inspiration in this format and now want to include video ads on their pages as well.

insta4likes instagram Picture taken from Insta4likes’ official Instagram account.

A beta program has been developed to test how these video ads work with posts on social media and up to what point do people interact more with them. For example, a few months ago a specific brand tried out this new technology and made a 30-second video. One of the screen corners had a button that led you to take a test and would recommend what products from that brand would suit you.

The goal behind an initiative like this is to make people stop being only viewers and turning them into participants. This kind of engagement can increase ad attention and engagement, which is much more profitable. The thing is, if something like these reaches Facebook and Instagram, people would need to invest a bit more money in order to make their ads stand out in comparison to others. But honestly, we think it’s probably worth it in the long run! Protection Status for