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  • The Best Way to Increase Instagram Live Stream Views


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    One of the best ways to increase Instagram live stream views is by utilizing a hook. A good Instagram live stream hooks can make or break your Instagram live video. get free Instagram live viewers.

    Why go with Insta4likes?

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    Top 11 ways to Increase Instagram Live Stream views: Instagram live stream

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    Get the basics right

    – quality and lighting. If you want to increase Instagram live stream views, Instagram live video needs to have great quality and lighting.

    Interact with insta4likes audience

    – Instagram live is about insta4likes engagement! You need to interact with insta4likes viewers so that they share your Instagram live on other social media channels.

    Use a celebrity Instagram live stream

    – insta4likes celebrity Instagram video views help increase Instagram live stream views.

    Promote Instagram live with other social media channels

    – Instagram is not enough to promote insta4likes – you need to tap insta4likes on other social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

    Keep Instagram live short

    – this may increase insta4likes video Instagram views insta4likes as well as other social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

    Repost Instagram live videos

    – to get more ig live stream views do a repost of insta4likes Instagram live video.

    Use insta4likes Instagram stories

    – insta4likes Instagram Insta-stories have increased insta4likes Instagram live video views.

    Insta4likes Instagram carousel

    – Instagram Carousel insta4likes helps you increase insta4likes video views!

    Use a relevant Instagram live stream hashtag

    – be sure to insta4likes the hashtag of your Instagram live video so that they show up on other related Instagram live stream videos.

    Add caption

    – to get Instagram instant likes, be sure to add insta4likes Instagram insta4live caption to Instagram insta4live video.

    Make a trailer

    – if you want to increase insta4likes ig video views, make an Instagram live teaser!

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  • 3 Instagram marketing strategies that can boost the Christmas sales

    3 Instagram marketing strategies that can boost the Christmas sales


    3 Instagram marketing strategies that can boost the Christmas sales. With the holiday season ahead and the good news of some vaccine for the Covid19 being available around Christmas, it is the right time to spice up the festive spirit. It is when people look forward to shopping for gifts for their loved ones, and themselves and businesses that use Instagram are gearing up to gain mileage from the shopping spree that has already started.  Despite the lull due to the pandemic, companies expect a significant spike during the holiday season like the earlier years.

    As usual, social media platforms are the best places to conduct business, and Instagram tops business owners’ choice due to the high business-friendly environment it provides. The extraordinarily high engagement rate of Instagram allows new businesses to gather quick pace by establishing a sizeable following by buying likes, followers, and comments from that drives the business on the fast track of growth.

    To create an exclusive marketing campaign to latch on to holiday sales opportunities during the Christmas season, here are some strategies that can prove highly effective.

    1. Create content based on Christmas theme

    To ignite the visitors’ festive spirit to your Instagram page that stimulates their purchasing instincts, plan well to generate a feeling of fun, happiness, and enjoyment as soon as visitors reach your page. Create a holiday content library that provides a steady flow of holiday based content by focusing on the products you want to promote during the holiday season.  Plan all details about the promotional campaigns meticulously by considering the details and the special offers’ timing to trigger an immediate response from the audience. Be clear about the kind of customer needs that your offers can help to satisfy because the campaign’s success depends on the value customers derive from it.

    2. Bank on IGTV

    Compared to reading a blog, 80% of the audience prefers to consume image-based content, especially videos with exceptionally high appeal. Instagram allows you to take full advantage of its IGTV feature. You can post short videos to create a better relationship with the audience by engaging them most excitingly.  Videos have outstanding appeal, and you can create a festive fervor that excites the audience and evokes a positive response while driving them towards making purchases. Videos allow getting intimate with the audience by sharing behind-the-scenes content, which generates trust about the brand and the featured products.

    3. Showcase your creativity with Instagram Stories

    Like videos, you can tap into the feature of Instagram Stories to create the best content for engaging with the audience enjoyably and funnily, upholding the festive spirit and elevating moods. Allowing the audience to interact with the content further increases engagement and enhances the trust for the brand.

    While promoting your products, highlight your brand voice that resonates with the audience and reflects the joyous spirit of the coming festivities that encourage generous spending as people are in the mood of giving something.


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    How can you get 500 story views on


    These days the majority of people can’t go a day without using social networking sites, with social media becoming ever more popular, traditional forms of contact such as email, phone calls and text messaging are being replaced by updates on Twitter, stories on Instagram and Skype and WhatsApp for calling and messaging. The younger generation, as well as the older are becoming hooked on the idea of interactions. Nowadays there’s no need to ring mum to tell her about the new swanky cafe in town because she more than likely saw the photo you snapped and shared on your Instastory, and as for the husbands new car she’s seen that splashed across social media too!


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    All about Instagram story views


    When you are a small business owner you can get great benefits from the highly popular photo app called Instagram. Before the massive use of this platform, people were not able to communicate this quickly and send out a message to so many users with just clicking on a few buttons on their phone. It is a very fun photo-sharing app and it has tremendously grown. We can say that nowadays it is on the top of social media platforms from around the world. So if you’re looking to increase the traffic on your page, you should really start to buy Instagram story views.


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    Pornography Spam on Instagram


    Pornography was never allowed on Instagram at all. Not even soft porn. Erotic images have always been allowed as long as they follow the social network’s rules and guidelines (like, for instance, the no nipple policy), especially when it comes to photography. But it seems like in the past few months, lots of people have been starting to find porn content on Instagram.