Back to Life, New to Instagram

Back to Life, New to Instagram
May 26, 2015 admin
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Do you remember Silvio Berlusconi (78), the eccentric, overexcited president of Italy? It doesn’t matter if you don’t, for now you can learn more about him following his Instagram account.

That’s right. Last 19 May the former premier launched an Instagram account (@silvioberlusconi2015) in which he has already posted more than 80 pics. Not even twenty years old, the account is now being followed by almost 24k people around the world.

Il Cavaliere enjoying the last Eurovision Song Contest Il Cavaliere enjoying the last Eurovision Song Contest

What can be the reason behind this joining social media and frenetic posting? The Guardian thinks it has revealed the reason – Berlusconi is returning to Italian politics, specifically to the regionali 2015, the regional election that will be celebrated in seven of the twenty Italian regions.

Not even three months after having concluded his social service, which has lasted one year. Fiscal fraud got him into that situation, and now that he is free from it he can now regain his popularity – and that of his party, Forza Italia – via the media, including Instagram. It is noted that his political rival and current president, Mateo Renzi, is a skillful user of social media.

What can be seen on Berlusconi’s profile? The Cavaliere can be seen attending meetings, giving press conferences, dining with his girlfriend Francesca Pascale (29). However, the account is filled with the photographs you’d see of an old lord who doesn’t know what to do after retiring (which is what happened to him after politics, at least for the last year). Thus, he can be seen with his dog, watching TV, having dinner…

Will this strategy work for him? Will he regain the status he used to have and become trustworthy again for Italians? Time will tell. What is sure is that, as long as he keeps the account functioning, we will be able to see a side of him which we didn’t know.