A Stranger Stole My Life on Instagram!

A Stranger Stole My Life on Instagram!
May 27, 2015 admin
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That’s what a man known as Justin – not his real name – said last weekend on Buzzfeed. The story is worth a Hollywood plot, as you will see, and even the name of the main character has a certain Hollywood-y flavor – Leah Palmer.

The story goes back to 2012, when Justin met and started discussing on Twitter with a stranger so-called Leah Palmer. Firstly they just talked through messages, then the telephone calls started, then the Skype calls. Strangely, Leah did never contact Justin via a video call or a live date. She always had excuses for meeting in real life.

Firstly everything went fine. Justin didn’t have anything that could lead him to mistrust Leah. She seemed to have an important job in the fashion world and that she traveled a lot. Her Instagram photos showed her having an amazing life, always surrounded by idyllic landscapes or working hard.

Ruth Palmer on some of her Instagram pics. Ruth Palmer on some of her Instagram pics.
repost them on her own.

The weirdest thing is that she used Ruth’s friends’ real names, after having spied on her social media to gather as much information as possible. But Ruth’s account is private – maybe one of her acquaintances has stolen her photos? When Ruth asked Instagram to remove Leah’s account, another appeared. “Can’t photo-sharing sites give users more security?” asks Ruth.