Anne Hathaway Outsmarts Paparazzi

Anne Hathaway Outsmarts Paparazzi
January 6, 2016 admin
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One of the things paparazzi love chasing are Hollywood women. They keep an eye on them in case they eventualyl get pregnant, and they fight to see who manages to take the first picture of a celebrity’s baby bump. Although, there are some other celebrities that avoid getting caught by paparazzis and tell the world themselves: through their own pictures, on stage, etc. However, Anne Hathaway did a little bit of both!

anne hathaway Picture taken by paparazzi, uploaded by Anne to her Instagram account.

Yes, you’ve read correctly. Hathaway has been pregnant for a while, but she didn’t intend on telling the world, especially through Instagram, that she was going to be a mom. The thing is she had recently gone to the beach and she noticed someone was taking a picture of her. And no, not a fan. A paparazzi. But she didn’t want the world to find out that she had the bump through a magazine photo of her walking down the beach while she didn’t even notice someone was photographing her. So what did she do? She posed for the camera! And not only that. She uploaded the picture taken to her own Instagram account… and with a filter.

Her caption more of less explained what had happened, and a few minutes later she started getting thousands of likes and comments congratulating her for her baby. This is something that clearly doesn’t happen every day, and we love it.